Humidor – Yngwie Malmsteen 50 Cigars, Collector’s Edition…Sale!


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Yngwie Malmsteen Humidor 50 Cigars, Collector’s Edition…Sale!

This beautiful wooden memory box can store your cigars, photos, and many other personal mementos…get yours today!

The ultimate fan collector’s item!  Limited number of units produced worldwide!


-Medium sized (11.75″x8.13″x5.13″), black high gloss lacquer finish, 50-75 cigar count humidor

-Spanish cedar lined interior with sealing edges 

-Equipped with analog hygrometer, large rectangle humidifier, humidifier holder, and cigar divider

Key Features of Value:

Outside Finish

-High gloss unique image of Yngwie J. Malmsteen (moonlit setting)

-Yngwie’s personal signature (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for humidor print for TLG Canada)

-Yngwie’s famous phrase “Play Loud!” (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for humidor print for TLG Canada)

-Copyright 2009 Rising Force Records

Inside of Humidor

-Unique serial number etched on inside lid

-Collector’s mini-booklet containing Yngwie’s biography, discography, recent achievements, humidor use instructions

-Certificate of Authenticity from TLG Canada (for proof of legitimate purchase).

*Upgrades and additional accessories available through our website.

*Only TLG Canada is authorized to sell and distribute the YJM Signature Collection Humidor worldwide.  All authentic humidors will have distinguished markings and a Certificate of Authenticity available only through company’s headquarters.  Only TLG Canada certified and authentic YJM Signature Collection Humidors will be eligible for guarantee against defects.

1 Mastercase contains 4 humidors.

*For large volume purchases (if available) – Please contact us via email first as we will need to arrange different shipping method to your region.  Our standard shipping methods may not be suitable.



Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 27 × 18 cm


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